Rox Volleyball presents the 2013 JVA World Challenge

Posted on 16 April 2013

It had only been 4 months since Rox Volleyball visited the home of the Kentucky Derby for the AVCA Convention and the crew was already heading back to make their third appearance as the presenting sponsor of the JVA World Challenge!

In the past, the players brought some fancy footwork to the dance floor so the crew knew they needed to be prepared this year. Knowing the players would be cutting rugs left and right, they packed twice as many rugs as before! Friday the teams rushed in the booth to compete in the Wobble Dance off. Saturday teams participated in the Harlem Shake and busted moves Gangnum Style. If you weren’t at JVA you won't want to miss out on these skilled dancers; so check out the videos below!

Extra special congrats to Mintonette - M.21- Rox, AVA TX 12-Rox, Tribe 13-Rox, Tribe 14-Rox and Tribe 17-Rox for making it into the Gold Bracket.

What could be more fun than dancing and extreme volleyball? The super sweet "Roxmobile" in the middle of the floor, and Mr. Ed the Crazy Haired horse of course! Teams flocked over to have their pictures taken with the two. Keep your eyes peeled; these photos should be surfacing soon!

We are thankful for all 600+ teams that participated in the JVA World Challenge! We especially enjoyed catching up with the Team Rox Clubs- AVA of Texas, Mintonette, Indy Jrs., Altitude and Tribe (whom might we add all looked fantastic in their Roxamation jerseys)! Extra special congrats to Mintonette - M.21- Rox, AVA TX 12- Rox, Tribe 13- Rox, Tribe 14- Rox and Tribe 17- Rox for making it into the Gold Bracket. You go girls!!  

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