Caring for your Technical Products

Extending the Life of your Volleyball Performance Garments

  • First, check the care and content label. This label has all critical garment information.
  • Unsure of cleaning properties? Handwashing or machine wash with cold water is safe!

General Washing Tips

  • Cold Wash/Air Dry:machine wash in cold water and air dry.
  • Avoid Extreme Heat: It's always recommended to air dry, but if you choose to use a dryer, do so on warm and remove garment before it is completely dry. Excess heat can damage or melt fabrics, zippers, and/or trim like elastic in performance beach wear. It may also damage all the performance qualities in the fabric if dried above recommended temperature. DO NOT IRON ANY Technical fabrics
  • Avoid Bleach– Even on whites, Bleach will breakdown all waterproofing and anti-microbial technology in the garment along with the possibility of yellowing.
  • Fabric Softener - clogs the pores of technical fabrics and can damage the waterproof coating, greatly reducing the performance and breathability of the garment. In addition, fabric softeners have been known to break down or damage post embellishing techniques. (Screen Printing, Heat Transfer etc. )
  • Dry Cleaning- This to can damage the performance of your technical fabric.

Washing Neon Colors

Bright colors often include some type of nylon consistency and nylons LOVE to absorb any color that will let them and typically will not let go! This quality in the fabric is why the colors are so vibrant!  So in order to keep them true to their color, follow these tips:

  • Cold Wash/Air Dry: machine wash in cold water and air dry
  • Wash with similar colors: Neon and nylons wash well together!
  • DON’T WASH WITH SHIRTS THAT BLEED: This WILL ruin the product!
  • Air Dry/Cool Dry separate: avoid drying with any other items.
  • Wash inside out
  • Close all Zippers 
  • Remove any Padding:such as bra pads
  • Use of Garment Bags: Place performance swimwear in garment bags when washing.

**Any additional care instructions specific to a garment will be noted on the garment page with additional instructions.


Washing Sublimated Jerseys

  • Follow Washing instructions from above apparel
  • Do not leave in hot climates for a long period of time, like a car trunk or out in the sun.
  • Do not place a wet or damp garment on itself or other fabrics.
    • Avoid wadding it up in your bag after a match!
  • Do not store the garments for a lengthy amount of time in a non-climate control area.
    • Locker rooms, some gyms, storage facilities, open garages, etc.
  • Fabric needs to breathe, so avoid storing items in plastics or similar materials that do not allow air flow. 
  • Heat and limited air flow is a condition that naturally causes moisture. A damp garment is more likely to bleed onto other fabrics it is in contact with for a long period of time.
  • Any additional care instructions specific to a garment will be noted on the garment page with additional instructions.

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