Embellishing Tips for Rox Volleyball Products

It is important for your printer to know exactly what type of fabrics they will be embellishing on. Fabrics can be temperamental and different fabrics react differently under embellishing conditions. We have listed below recommendations for embellishing Rox Volleyball products. Please make sure you local printer is aware of these recommendation to assure your uniforms look exactly as you want them to. This is simply a reference for your printer. ROX VOLLEYBALL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW YOUR PRINTER CUSTOMIZES THE GARMENTS OR THE OUTCOME.  



Dye Migration:

Sublimated polyester is dyed using a process, which uses heat to convert dyes from a solid into a gas, allowing them to sublimate into the substrate. Dye sublimation can increase the likelihood of dyes bleeding through heat-applied material. This is referred to as dye migration.

How to Avoid Dye Migration:

Choosing the right material is crucial in avoiding dye migration. This can occur in pre-dyed or sublimated materials, such as Rox Volleyball Roxamation apparel, bathing suits, boardshorts, dark or vibrant colored stock jerseys. There are several sublimation ink heat transfer materials, which have been designed to help colors stay true and to block sublimated ink bleeding.


Synthetic materials like polyester can scorch or melt when exposed to high temperatures. It’s important to apply materials to these fabrics at a lower temperature. Backpacks and bags will melt at high temperatures.

How to Avoid Scorching:

Use low-temperature materials, which when applied at a low-temperature range, reducing the risk of leaving scorch marks.
Heat printing accessories – Using a silicone rubber pad, which protects heat-sensitive materials, will help absorb a significant amount of heat from the upper platen. It protects the garment from burn marks but requires adjustments to application time.
Using an upper platen cover, which attaches to the upper platen, will provide similar protection to heat-sensitive garments.

Before you print this garment:

In order to achieve these bright, sharp colors, the fabric in this garment has been printed through the sublimation process. To avoid unwanted color transferring when screenprinting, do not fold the garment in any way while. Do not stack or fold garments until completely cooled.

Before you apply heat transfers:

Only heat the area covered with the heat transfer. Do not exceed 320°F temperature and 10 seconds time. Do not fold the garment until completely cooled. Rox Volleyball declines any responsibility for damaged garments due to post embellishment process.


Rox Volleyball recommends contacting your embellishing company of choice for materials that meet these standards.

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