Our Factory

Introducing: FabRox 

In 2015, Rox Volleyball took a huge step in acquiring their own factory. Located near Daytona Beach, Florida, FabRox has become the heartbeat of the company and continues to push out the high quality product that Rox Volleyball is known for. The 22,000 square foot facility houses multiple state-of-the-art devices to deliver YOU top quality products and service, from start to finish. 

Pre – Press 

We engrave our screens with a modern "Computer to Screen" automatic plotter. This "film free process" uses fully automatic machines to prepare our screens and gives us very accurate control of all the pre-press variables. Using water-based chemicals in our screen room, we also have a very environment friendly process. There is also no form of chemical waste left over in our process thanks to a closed loop filtration system that allow us to meet health and environmental requirements as prescribed by state agencies. 

Digital Print 

Our digital print department combines samples, short to medium production run printers, and a "state of the art" high production belt printer capable of  printing directly on to fabric. This is the best solution to print on stretch fabrics available! 

Screen Printing 

Our serigraphic production lines consist of two, simultaneous, six-colors screen printing belt machines that were custom built in Italy. The large, 56" x 72" (140 cm x 180 cm) machine allows us to fit the whole garment on the same paper, giving us the perfect color consistency all the way through the multiple cut pieces that compose the garment.


Unlike any of our competitors, our products are made from start to finish in the USA, and that is a rare claim today. The most common piece of the production line that is sent out of "house" is sewing, but we even have that covered! With a full staff of professional sewers, Rox Volleyball puts sweat into every stitch, giving you the confidence you need when you're up at net!

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