Brooke and Jen’s Blog: Day One in Argentina, Our First Impressions

Posted on 21 May 2013

When you think of South America you think hot and sunny, right? Yeah, so did we!

First realization in Argentina: It is really cold, overcast and rainy here! Lesson learned. Next time we’ll research the weather. (Good thing we are classic over-packers).

Second realization: Everyone here loves a good "siesta.” Like, everyone! Businesses shut down, restaurants lock their doors until 8 p.m. and the city is a ghost town! (Except for all the international beach volleyball players walking the streets trying to find food). It was a tough adjustment for us, but that's why we brought Starburst and M&M's, right?

The great news is we made it safely to Corrientes, thanks mostly to our new best travel buddy, Nick Lucena, who just happens to be fluent in Spanish!

He was a total lifesaver and also scored us some delicious churros from a street vendor outside our hotel (Gracias Nick).

We got to train this afternoon with April Ross and Jen Kessy, anytime we can get training with Olympic Medalists, we take it!

It was great to see the tournament site and jump around in the sand. We are so excited to play tomorrow and even more excited for the restaurants to open so we can eat dinner!

            - Brooke and Jen

By: Rox Pro, Brooke Sweat and partner, Jen Fopma | Featured on

Training buddies! Silver Medalists April Ross and Jen Kessy. (From left to right: Jen Kessy, April Ross, Jen Fopma and Brooke Sweat)

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