Volleyball Training Tips: Vertical Jump

Posted on 24 April 2012

Jump, and then jump higher!

How would you like to have a vertical jump like Blake Griffin or ROX Pro, Destinee Hooker?  What if I told you, you could? Let’s put an end to this battle with gravity and increase not only your vertical jump on the court, but your overall game. Rox Volleyball has created a great Vertical Enhancing workout that focuses on the muscles that are most important to you and your vertical. Put yourself to the Vertical Challenge and let us know how you do! 

First and foremost, always have a starting point. Remember to take your measurements before you start. After you have measured your standing reach, block reach and approach, you are ready to get started! Good luck and keep focused; no pain, no gain!

1. Jump Box:  You can use a jump box or even a high sidewalk or bench. Stand facing the object and jump up with both feet, landing balanced on the surface. Make sure to give this exercise all you got! As you master the height of your object move on to something taller and watch as your vertical grows. Amount: 3 sets of 20

2. Jump Shrug: Grab two weights between 10-25 lbs. Stand with feet shoulder length apart. Hold each weight in each hand at your side.  Jump up while shrugging with both shoulders and make sure to keep your back straight. Finish landing balanced with both feet still shoulder-length apart. Remember when you jump, slide the inside of your arms down your thighs, bend your knees and jump forcefully up.  Amount: 3 sets of 25

3. Jump Rope: Not only is jumping rope great for your vertical but it is great cardio as well. Between exercises 1 and 2, take a jump rope and jump as fast as you can for 30 seconds. This will help increase your heart rate and the size of your calf muscles.
Amount: 30 seconds FAST!

Switch up these Rox Volleyball training tips to keep it different and fun. Perform these vertical exercises once a day for two weeks and see how high your jump has increased. Don’t forget, the best way to increase you vertical jump, is to keep jumping!

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