It’s my drive. It’s my passion. #whatroxme

Posted on 24 September 2013

The thought process behind ‘What Rox You?’  is to create an idea that not just a player can be a part of, but also a coach, parent, spectator or anyone who is passionate about anything.

Whether what rox you is training like there is no tomorrow, an ace on game point or standing on the sidelines being the #1 fan; Rox Volleyball wants you to share it with the world! It’s about what drives you, what motivates you, what gets your heart beating and engages your mind.

The answer to what rox you should be a no brainer and come natural to you. Once you know what it is snap a photo of it or drop a line on your facebook, twitter, or instagram and use the hashtag ‘#whatroxme’. Using this hashtag and also tagging Rox Volleyball will give your submission a chance to be featured in Rox Volleyball’s 2014 Volleyball USA National Ad Campaign or even win some Rox Volleyball gear.

So I leave you with one question…What Rox You?

A special thanks to Paul Figura at Paul Figura Studios and Renee Parenteau with Renee Parenteau Make-up! And let's not forget a huge thanks to Timed Exercise in Jacksonville Beach for lending us all the training equipment for the day.

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