Presidents Day Weekend Wrap up

Posted on 17 February 2014

Team Rox shines while Mother Nature shows some sympathy.

Presidents Day weekend signifies that Club Volleyball is in full swing as volleyballers pack their bags and gear up travel to volleyball tournaments all across the country.

This week, as many before, started with Mother Nature dealing obstacles before the athletes and their families even left home. Airport closures and blizzards were upon many cities along with concerns if travel was even allowed and if various volleyball tournaments were even going to happen.  While the weekend looked bleak, Mother Nature showed some sympathy and calmed her fury allowing all tournaments to continue with some minor modifications.

Saturday morning a talented voice sang the National Anthem to tens of thousands of volleyball players across the nation kicking off the weekend’s volleyball competition.

The exhausting travel delays seemed to have no impact on many of our Team Rox Clubs as they remained focused and excelled into Gold Brackets.

Team Rox Finishes TOP 5 in Gold 

AAU Super Regionals Houston  

      12’s      AVA-Texas  12 Rox                     2nd
      13’s      AVA-Texas  13 Rox                      1st
      14’s      AVA-Texas 14 Rox                      2nd
      15’s      Texas Alliance 15 Rox                2nd

Dayton Juniors Presidents Day Cup

     15-Open   AVC Rox 15N Shana          2nd  
     18-Open   AVC Rox 18N Scott             2nd

Festival Fiesta Classic   

     14-Club     Aspire 14 Black Rox            5th
     14-Open     Aspire 14 Rox                      1st
     16-Open    Aspire 16 Rox                      2nd
     16-Open    Aspire 15 Rox                       3rd
     16-Club     CCX 16 Rox                           1st
     18-Club    Texas Alliance 17 Rox         1st
                        CCX 17’s Team Rox               5th

      Gasparilla Classic   

     12-Club    Tampa Bay Volleyball Acad    1st
                        Treasure Coast 12 Rox            5th
     15-Open   Treasure Coast 15 Rox            1st
     17-Open   Tampa Bay Volleyball Acd      5th
     17-Club    Treasure Coast 17 Rox            3rd

Mizuno SPVB Presidents Day 

     15-Club    Legacy 14-1                                 4th        

     15-Open  Mintonette Sports M51 Rox       1st          

      16-Open   Legacy 16-1 Rox                        1st 
                        Mintonette Sports M61 Rox       5th
     16-Club    Mintonette Sports M62 Rox       5th 
     17-Open   Legacy 17-1 Rox                         4th 
     17-Club    Diamond Elite 17 Jade Rox      1st 
                        Show Me 17 Rox                         4th 

NCVA Presidents Day   

     16’s          Excel NW 16-1 Rox                     1st

Nook Presidents Day   

     18’s         Synergy 18 Rox                            1st
     15’s         Brandywine Blast                         1st

NWJRS President Weekend 

     14-Open   Lake Tapps 14 Orange Rox     3rd
     15-Open   Synergy 15 Purple Rox             3rd
     16-Open   Lake Tapps 16 Orange Rox     3rd
     16-Club    Excel NW 16-3 Rox                    1st

Presidents Day Super Showcase

      12’S      VolleyOne 12 Rox                             5th
      14’s      Coastline 14 Rox                               3rd
                    Volleyone 14 Rox                              5th
      15’s      Coastline 15 Rox Black                    5th
                    Volleyone 15 Rox                              5th
      16’s      Coastline 15 Rox                               5th
      17’s      Coastline 17 Rox                               5th
      18’s      Volley One 18 Rox                            5th

SCVA Las Vegas Classic   

      17-Club    Aspire 17 Rox                                5th
      18-Club    Okalhoma Charge 18 Rox          2nd

Asics Presidents Day Classic 

     14-Club     Club Iowa 14-Black                     3rd
     15-Club     Club Iowa 15-Black                     5th
     16-Club     Club Iowa 16-Black                    2nd
     17-Club     Club Iowa 17-Black                     1st

Capitol Hill Classic 

      12-Club     Vienna Elite 12                             3rd
      13-Open     Vienna Elite 13                            3rd   
      14-Open    Synergy 14 Rox Orange             5th
      16-Club     J-Stroke 16                                    3rd
       17-Open    Palm Beach Juniors 17 Elite     1st  
                           Vienna Elite 17                               5th 

Jax Jam Florida   

     12’s       Palm Beach Juniors 12 Elite            2nd
     12’S       JJVA 12 R-Molten                              3rd
     12’S       BCVC  12 Liz                                        3rd
     13’s       Palm Beach Juniors 13                     1st
     13’s       JJVA 12N Jessica Rox                       3rd
     14’s      Palm Beach Juniors 14E                   1st
     14’S      BCVC 14 Rox                                       3rd
     15’s      JJVA N Ginny Rox                               1st
     16’s      JJVA 16N Magen Rox                       2nd
     16’s      JJVA 16N Robin Rox                          3rd
     18’s      JJVA 17N Adis Rox                             1st
     18’S      JJVA  18N Matt Rox                           3rd

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