Aces Here, Aces There, Aces, Aces Everywhere at Colorado Crossroads!

Posted on 20 March 2014

This weekend was one for the books as many of our Rox Teams placed in the top 10 in their divisions at the USA volleyball-sanctioned Junior National Qualifier, Colorado Crossroads Volleyball Tournament! Although we weren’t there in person, we definitely were there in spirit with our Rox teams dominating!

As the third largest indoor volleyball event, Colorado Crossroads brought the heat to Denver with 1,285 girls’ volleyball teams and 45,000 people to town, but it sure was easy to spot the beautiful array of Rox jerseys, especially Show Me displaying their vibrant Roxamation Fade Jerseys. Volleyballers bounced all around the convention center in the huge bounce houses, while others were reaching for the stars at the demo court on one side of the convention center. Well if you were at all worried about having a bad hair day while at the convention center, the hair gods were ready to tame anything. Girls were lining up waiting to be prepped with some curls & pearls…well not pearls exactly, but they were getting dolled up for their championship pictures!

Although we weren’t able to attend, we were able to keep up-to-date on all the action with live streaming from Coaches Aid and from all the awesome videos and pictures that Colorado Crossroads posted on theirFacebook page! I mean who doesn’t love a man dressed from head to toe in royal blue, even sporting a blue Mohawk, courtesy of a Gainesville Juniors Volleyball Club supporter! As videos surfaced, the girls were getting pumped up for their volleyball matches by groovin’ to the Wobble as cheers illuminated throughout the convention center – making us just a little jelly we were missing it.

Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association 17 National ROX- Adis team made a name for themselves in Denver, taking home 3rd in the 17 USA Division. JJVA’s CEO, Mary Andrews had nothing but great things to say; “I am proud of all of our JJVA National Rox Teams that competed in Denver at the Colorado Crossroads Qualifier. We are extremely pleased the 17N Team Rox Adis team won third place and as a result locked up a Bid to the USAV National Championships to be held in Minnesota this summer. They proved themselves to be an exceptional team with great character and stamina. We are certain more of our JJVA National Rox Teams will win bids as we travel to compete in the Disney Showcase and the Big South Qualifiers in the next few weeks. I am JJVA Team Rox Proud!”  Excel Northwest Volleyball Club -16 Team Rox also won 3rd place in their division, also sending them to the USAV National Championships. Way to go girls! 

Colorado Crossroads Rox Teams

If all this excitement wasn’t cool enough, the Paralympic Sitting Volleyball teams made an appearance. Team USA, China, Russia and Brazil played exhibition games during the tournament and afterwards signed autographs on tons of volleyball gear. If that weren’t enough, the event also hosted a six-team men’s college volleyball tournament at the same time. Talk about some organizational skills!

With so many great volleyball teams sporting our Rox volleyball jerseys, we want to congratulate every single one of you. Here’s a special little shout out to our Rox Teams who made it in the top 10 of their division.

Colorado Crossroads Results

13 American
Aspire 13 Rox – 9th

14 Open
Aspire 14 Rox – 3rd

15 USA
JJVA 15N TEAM ROX John – 9th

15 American
Aspire 15 Black – 5th

15 Open
Aspire 15 Rox – 2nd

16 USA
JJVA 16N TEAM ROX Magen – 9th
AVA of Texas 16 Attack – 9th

16 Open
Excel NW 16-1 Team Rox – 3rd
AVA of Texas 16 Rox – 4th
Aspire 16 Rox – 9th

17 USA
JJVA 17N TEAM ROX Adis – 3rd

17 American
Aspire 17 Rox – 5th
Coastline 17 Rox – 9th

17 Open
AVA of Texas 17 Rox – 9th

18 Open
Tribe 18 ROX – 5th
AVA of Texas 18 Rox – 9th

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