Rox Photo Shoot : Fashion, Lights, Rox.

Posted on 08 September 2010

Our goal was to go bigger and better than last year’s campaign…

Waking up at 4:30am on a Sunday is not Team Rox’s modus operandi so all of us were dragging around.  But this was a key photo shoot for use in our new fangled ad campaigns and things had to get into high gear quickly. Our goal was to go bigger and better than last year’s campaign.

Since it was pitch dark we had to sift through the homeless crowd laid out in the recumbent position under the Jax Beach pier to get to the beach volleyball courts. At the same time, the models: Claire, Chantelle, Gabby T, Gabby M, and Tanya huddled up at our base camp condo a few blocks away getting their makeup and their “hair did” in assembly line fashion by makeup artiste Natalie Malony and hair wizard Renee Parenteau. Daniel Dongo from Kinesio added hot pink and blue tape to the women to complement the colors of our Roxstar and Amp tops. Chris Knight, photog extraordinaire, was actively setting up his lights and reflectors with his two assistants to take advantage of the impending sunrise. Our photo shoot organizer, Courtney was shouting out directions to everybody with aplomb like a Hollywood director. She had all our ad scenarios uber-organized and mapped out to the minute. Once we were set up we knew we were getting the right shots as the models posed playfully with a gorgeous sunrise and surfers catching waves in perfect sets in the background. Our beautiful models, who are all volleyball players, started to draw a crowd of onlookers while they either went through their little volleyball “pepper drills” or posed for the shot.

It was soon time to change shoot locations to Ponte Vedra Beach High School, home of the fighting Sharks. The A.D. Gene Baker and Bella allowed us use of their shiny and pristine gym. Many prop changes happened in quick succession while Rihanna and Eminem BOOMED loudly in the background. At one point you could see how impactful our fuchsia colored Rox jerseys can be with all the girls side by side ready to attack the net.

Our new endorsed athlete , a 6’3 volleyball phenom/model was garnering attention and taking pics with little girls who hope to grow up and be just like her. Even one of our owners, Troy, got to play a character in one of the new ads. After about one thousand camera flashes later, we were DONEzo.
Thank you to ALL who made it happen.

Even though most of us felt like vegetables after the photo shoot we knew we took it up a notch from last year’s shoot. We cannot wait to show you the finished product. STAY TUNED.

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