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Rox Volleyball has joined the Fray!

We are pleased to announce that Rox has come aboard as our newest sponsor! Rox will be sponsoring our adult tournaments for the remainder of the 2014 sand season. We are delighted to be working with their team and working to elevate what we can provide any and all RallyVB players.

What does this mean for you?
First, they will be providing Rox Gift Cards to top finishers that are redeemable on their website. You can pick the product, size or color you prefer. With a full line of women’s and men’s performance and casual beach apparel, anyone fortunate enough to earn a Rox Gift Card will be able to find something that fits their needs and style.
Second, we will have special give-away and deals on Rox apparel periodically.
Third, it is great to have another top-notch organization recognizing the great volleyball scene we have playing in Atlanta.

Go to the Rox Volleyball Beach section to check out our full sand volleyball line!

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Posted by Makayla Olson on July 31, 2014
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NVL Ohio Wrap Up - A Waterpark and Pro Beach Volleyball!

Rox Volleyball and The National Volleyball League “The NVL” took over The Beach Waterpark in Mason Ohio last weekend for the 2nd annual Midwest Championships. New champions were crowned for both the men and women in front of a packed stadium court. Rox Athletes Pri Piantadosi-Lima) and Kaya Sowala were de-throned by another Rox Athlete, Brooke Niles and new partner Jessica Stubinski. They beat the 2-time reigning champs in a hard fought 3 game match. On the men’s side the number 7 seed of Piotr Marciniak and Matt Henderson played nearly flawless volleyball to take down the number 2 seed (and crowd favorites) Drew Mallin and Dave Palm. Congrats to all our ROX Pros who lead by example and set the bar for up and coming ROX Stars.

ROX Volleyball was well represented in the finals and throughout the event, as the bikini of choice for most of the female athletes. The men’s boardshorts made waves with the players and fans alike. From the wave pool to “The Cliff”, everyone was looking good in their ROX Volleyball beach apparel.

The NVL/ROX clinic was a huge success. Kids came from all over the Midwest to experience training with our NVL & ROX pros! The players ranged from 8 to 15 years old and all skill levels. Some kids had never touched a volleyball before and ended the clinic playing doubles with the pros. We can see the future of our sport at each of these clinics and boy, does it look bright!

Next stop for the NVL/ROX Pro beach series is in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the infield of IndyFest! Your favorite ROX Pros will compete for the title as Indy cars speed around the track. Will the new champs reign supreme or will the crown return to the previous winners? The only way to find out is to follow along and cheer on your favorite ROX Pros!

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Posted by Tarink on July 18, 2014
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Girls Juniors Indoor National Championships Wrap-Up from AAU & USAV

Over the past 2 weekends, girls club teams from all around the nation traveled to two of the largest events of Club Season, AAU Championships in Orlando and USAV Championships in Minneapolis. These season ending events are some of the most exciting and emotional days of the year. Some girls are playing their last club tournament of their career, while others are trying to get noticed by college recruits. Regardless of the motivation, every single girl is there because of their passion for volleyball. The competition on the court is fierce with all the teams trying to prove that they deserve a medal. Despite the high level of competition, the comraderie, friendships and memories made on and off the court will last a lifetime.

ROX Volleyball was the proud official Apparel Provider of the USAV Nationals Event, while 1st Place Volleyball was the official Team Dealer of the AAU Nationals Event. ROX is proud to support many clubs at these events including AVA, Axis Elite, Aspire and Tribe. There were many stand outs from the event with 15 top 10 finishes at AAU and 19 top 10 finishes at USAV.  We are proud of our 2nd place teams who played so hard and gave it their all in the finals - Tampa Bay Volleyball Academy -12's, Aspire 15 Rox, & Aspire 15 Black. A special shout out to our two 1st place finishers - Club Iowa 17 Black & AVA Texas 16 Attack ROX. Congratulations to all the ROX teams...way to represent!

Now that Nationals is over, what happens next? Since we are in the middle of summer, some girls may opt for the beach volleyball scene. This is a fabulous way to cross train and improve every skill for indoor season. Plus, now that beach Volleyball is an NCAA sport, there are even more ways to get a college scholarship playing volleyball! Whatever your choice, good luck and have fun.

AAU Top 10 Results - Rox Teams



USAV Top 10 Results - ROX Teams

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Posted by Tarink on July 11, 2014
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BVCA Championships on the deep sand of Hermosa Beach, CA

Yesterday wrapped up a great 3-day BVCA event hosted by the NVL & ROX Beach Series on the deep sand of Hermosa Beach, CA. The event ran from July 8-10 and was situated north of the Hermosa Beach Pier. There were over 450 athletes that traveled not only from all over the country, but from all over the world, including Canada and New Zealand, to play in this great tournament!

The BVCA Championships was full of high level beach volleyball and plenty of fun for all. While Hermosa Beach is one of the most iconic and beautiful beaches to play on, it also provides a tough environment for the athletes to battle through including deep sand, HOT sand, and wind. All of the Gold Bracket Championship matches were no stranger to these elements, but the athletes fought hard to overcome them and played some great volleyball to cap off the tournament.

The Gold Bracket Championship matches were played on the featured center court with a truly professional environment that included great crowd and a DJ that kept everyone going. Congratulations to the Gold Bracket Champions! The winners for each age division are:
18U Champions - Skylar Caputo and Abril Bustamante from Elite Beach Volleyball Club
16U Champions - Chanti Holroyd and Alyssa Slagerman from Santa Monica Beach Club
14U Champions - Cleston and Blacker from Coast Volleyball Club
12U Champions - Gaeta and Diamond from Santa Monica Beach Club

We're so proud of all of the Rox Volleyball athletes that competed and medaled! Some of the Rox Volleyball clubs that participated were 692 Beach San Diego, 692 Beach Texas, and Pacific Juniors. The Rox teams had an impressive showing with the following medals being earned: Chloe Luyties and Madi Yeomans of 692 Beach San Diego earned a third place finish in the 16U Gold Bracket, Hi'ilawe Huddleston and Ka'iwi Schucht from 692 Beach San Diego earned third place in the 18U Gold Bracket, Emily Shults and Lilly Kessler from 692 Beach Texas were the champions of the 18U Silver Bracket, Pope and Bennett from 692 Beach Texas were runners up in the 14U Gold Bracket.

We at Rox Volleyball have definitely made our way across the country and have had a huge impact on the way beach volleyball athletes everywhere can train and play comfortably but still look good in our beach volleyball gear! The debut of the Maia top this year has been a huge hit as was evidenced by all of the athletes rocking it this week at the BVCA!

The BVCA Championships were a huge success and everyone (athletes, parents, siblings, sponsors, coaches, etc.) had a great time making this event one of the biggest and best juniors events the country will see!

Keep a look out for the Rox Volleyball crew coming to a beach near you!

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Posted by Michelle Moriarty-Lonergan on July 11, 2014
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The Premier Rox Volleyball/CBVA Tour Stops begin this weekend!

The Premier CBVA/ROX Volleyball Tour  consist of ten tournaments throughout the summer. The Tour Stops take place from Santa Cruz down to San Diego.

The goal of the Tour Stops are to take the top players in each age group from all 10 locations and bring them together on Labor Day weekend to play for the Championships.
7/6                  Sunday            Tour Stop 1                        Huntington State Beach
7/12-13            Sat-Sun            Tour Stop 2                        Pacific Palisades
7/19-20            Sat-Sun            Tour Stop 3                        Manhattan Beach Pier
7/22                 Tuesday            Tour Stop 4                        Santa Barbara
7/29                 Tuesday            Tour Stop 5                        Long Beach
8/1-4                 Fri-Mon            Tour Stop 6                        Doheny State Beach
8/6                    Wednesday            Tour Stop 7                        Santa Cruz
8/9                    Saturday            Tour Stop 8                        Hermosa Beach
8/10 & 13           Sunday            Tour Stop 9                        Ocean & Coronado Beach
8/16-17              Sat-Sun            Tour Stop 10                        Huntington State Beach
9/1                    Monday            Championships            Manhattan Beach Pier

The winning team in each age group of all the ROX tour stops is invited to play in our Championship tournament on Monday, September 1st at Manhattan Beach Pier.

We  will offer PREMIER PRIZES from ROX Volleyball at the tour stop tournaments.

Champions from the Labor Day tournament will receive Championship prizes form ROX Volleyball and a championship plaque.

When a team wins the bid, the team will need to RSVP to the CBVA office no later that August 22nd in order to reserve your team’s spot. Simply email to info@cbva.com

There will be a total of 10 teams in each age group invited to compete for the Championship Title.

If one player cannot make it to the competition, that player’s partner may choose a replacement partner when calling the office to make the reservation (note both players must be CBVA members.)

In the event that BOTH team members are unavailable, the second place team automatically advances to their spot. If the reservation are not made before Friday Aug 22nd the Championship slot will automatically go the the 2nd place team.

To reserve your spot, please email info@cbva.com Please include
the beach where you won
the age group
both players’ names.
There is no fee for the Championship Tournament as it is an invitational.    
Should the 2nd place team already be playing we will go to overall season points to fill the berth.

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Posted by Courtney Davidson on July 03, 2014
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