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Headed To Minneapolis!

Hard work, determination and communication are three necessities that a good volleyball team must come equipped with in order to have a chance to be the best they can be. With indoor volleyball season in full swing, teams are fighting tooth and nail to capture bids for the chance to compete in the USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships.

Rox Teams Headed to Nationals

Rox Volleyball takes pride in our ROX Teams, especially those who strive to make a name for themselves in the volleyball world, not only by their exceptional skills but also through teamwork and willpower.  With that said, we want to extend a huge congratulations to all of our ROX Teams who have taken the bull by the horn… well not exactly, not necessarily but all of those teams who have received a bid to fight for a title at Nationals in Minneapolis, Minnesota June 24-July 3! We couldn’t be more proud to be your club sponsor and can’t wait to watch you girls compete in June. Now is the time to show what you’re made of!

Team                                                                     Division                                             Event Qualified

Academy Clev Rox 14 N Harvey                     14 Open                                             Disney Showcase

Aspire Volleyball Club 14 Rox                         14 Open                                            Colorado Crossroads

Tribe 14 Rox Sebastian                                     14 Open                                            Mideast Qualifier

Apire Volleyball Club 15 Rox                            15 Open                                            Colorado Crossroads

Tribe 15 Rox Dean                                             15 open                                             Mideast Qualifier

AVA of Texas 16 Team Rox                              16 Open                                            Pacific Northwest

Excel NW 16-1 Team Rox                                 16 Open                                           Colorado Crossroads

Mintonette Sports - m.61                                    16 Open                                           Mideast Qualifier

AVA of Texas 17 Team Rox                              17 Open                                            Pacific Northwest

Aspire VBC 12 Rox                                            12 National                                       Arizona Region Bid

Mintonette Sports-m.21 Rox                             12 National                                       Ohio Valley Region Bid

AVC Clev Rox 13N Skip                                    13 National                                       Ohio Valley Region Bid

Mintonette Sports- m.31 Rox                             13 National                                      Ohio Valley Region Bid 

Mintonette Sports- m.51 Rox                             15 National                                      Ohio Valley Region Bid

Synergy 15 Rox Orange                                    15 National                                      Keystone Region Bid

Aspire 16 Rox                                                       16 National                                     Arizona Region Bid

AVA Clev Rox 16N Rob                                     16 National                                     Ohio Valley Region Bid

AVA Clev Rox 18N Scott                                    18 National                                     Ohio Valley Region Bid

Mintonette Sports- m.81 Rox                             18 National                                     Ohio Valley Region Bid

JJVA 15N Team Rox John                                 15 USA                                             Big South

Lake Tapps 16 Orange Rox                               16 USA                                             Pacific Northwest

JJVA 17N Team Rox Adis                                  17 USA                                             Colorado Crossroads

AVC Clevland Rox 12 N Andrea                       12 American                                   Ohio Valley Region Bid

Highlands 13 Rox                                                13 American                                   Heart of American Region Bid

AVC Clev Rox 15N Jeff                                       15 American                                   Ohio Valley Region Bid

Epic United 15 Elite Rox                                      15 American                                  Mideast Qualifier

Coastline 15 Rox                                                  15 American                                  Northeast Volleyball Qualifier

AVC Clev Rox 16N Laffey                                  16 American                                  Ohio Valley Region Bid

Southwest 16E Rox Harker                                 16 American                                 Ohio Valley Region Bid

Diamond Elite 17 Jade Rox                                17 American                                  Heart of American Region Bid

Highlands 17 Rox                                                 17 American                                 Heart of American Region Bid

AVC Clev Rox 18N Scott                                     18 American                                 Ohio Valley Region Bid

Coastline 18 Rox                                                   18 American                                Big South Qualifier

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Posted by Holly on April 16, 2014
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JVA World Challenge Player Spotlight: Beall Busse

Rox Volleyball Player Spotlight Beall Busse“Standing at 5’ 7, twelve year-old middle blocker Beall Busse!” the announcer says (well what the announcer would say), as Corpus Christie Crossfire Volleyball 121s get ready for action.  Slowly but surely making a name for herself, Beall is not only an important member of CC Crossfire Volleyball 121s, but she is one of the cutest little girls we have ever met. Full of spunk, Beall came into our Rox Booth  often and always made us crack a smile, whether it was with her jokes or her crazy dance moves. With her ever-present bottle of Powerade, Beall is always laughing and giggling with her teammates.

Granted “shopping for Rox brands” (her favorite item being our Rox Vintage Hoodie) isn’t listed amongst most 12 year olds interesting fact list, but what really stuck out to us is that she is also a straight- A student! Can you believe that?! During her off time, this outdoorsy gal loves reeling in some good ole’ fish in her hometown of Portland, TX. Want to hear something adorable? Before every game, this superstitious volleyballer always insists her “coach” tie her matching bow in her braid.  Mom is not allowed! (You never mess with the mojo!)

We are extremely proud to be able to feature this volleyball all-star as our JVA World Challenge Player Spotlight. Do you want to be featured as our next Player Spotlight? Then make sure you pop in the booth at the Volleyball Festival in Phoenix, AZ, June 26th-29th for the chance to win!

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Posted by Holly on April 10, 2014
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Lions, Tigers and Jinx Oh My!

Have you ever been to a volleyball tournament that had so much to offer for the entire family? Well, that was exactly what the Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) World Challenge provided this past weekend and we couldn’t have been more excited to be the tournament sponsor for the 3rd year in a row! With bungee jumping, bounce houses and a live media booth, it was nothing short of exciting!

Our favorite mascot, Jinx, was the happiest of all - running around the convention center all day every day posing for pictures, handing out JVA T-shirts and dancing his tail off during Rox Volleyball Dance Off’s. He even won our Cha-Cha Slide dance off while some of the girls from the Texas Junior Volleyball Association won our Boot Scootin’ Boogie dance off! At the JVA World Challenge, we did something that no one else has done… we organized a “Happy” dance for all the volleyball teams in attendance. You’ll be able to see this awesome video soon as the Volleyball Network finishes working their magic… and we can’t wait!

Our Player Spotlight contest sure was a hit with over 150 outstanding entries, so choosing a winner was no easy task. From interesting facts of owning a hairless cat to having straight A’s we finally narrowed it down to three candidates. We took a Rox crew vote, and chose Beall Busse from Corpus Christie Crossfire 121’s. Read exactly what made Beall stand out here

Inside our booth, there wasn’t just jumpin’ and jivin’ going on during our “Dance Off’s” but product was flying everywhere (literally). Volleyball spandex and socks are always a huge hit, but we were also offering our 2013 beachwear line at closeout prices as low as $10! If you didn’t snag one, don’t worry; we still have some closeout prices online. Coming in at a close second were our Rox Vintage Hoodies (probably because the convention center felt like Antarctica to everyone who wasn’t playing)!

While our crew worked extremely hard in the booth, we also made time to get tons of pictures of volleyball all-stars in front of the Rox & JVA photo booth. Designed by our Rox Volleyball Graphic Designers, this “moooo-ing” backdrop was a huge hit, with almost everyone dressing up with our cowboy hats and horses on a stick and posing in front of it. Let’s be serious! Who wouldn’t want to take a picture with a cow wearing stunna’ shades behind them?! While they weren't having photo-ops, our Rox Teams such as Texas Alliance Volleyball and Absolute Volleyball Academy had no problem handling business on the court, each having multiple teams place in the top 10 of their divisions. You can catch all the other results from the JVA World Challenge here

Oh, and did we mention how much we absolutely love working with the Junior Volleyball Association? They are some of the kindest, hardest working people ever! After working 12 hours a day for 3 days straight you’d think we’d be exhausted!  Okay, well, we are but we still can’t wait for the JVA World Challenge 2015 in Louisville, KY.  But before that happens, we first have to get prepped for the Volleyball Festival in Phoenix, AZ in June! We hope to see all of your smiling faces there!


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Dug Our Toes in Pompano Beach, FL This Weekend!

Sandy toes, beachy hair & a whole lot of sun made the 2nd stop of the Dig the Beach Tour pretty close to our idea of perfect. Adding to the perfect weather was the excellent level of volleyball competition.  Although this was the first time that a Dig the Beach Tour stop took place in Pompano Beach, FL, there were still plenty of familiar faces around. We were so excited when we noticed that two Olympians were playing in the Men’s Open Division.  Steve Grotoweki from Great Britain played in the most recent Olympics (but unfortunately did not make it the finals of Men’s Open), and on the other hand, Josh Binstock (who also played in the most recent Olympics for Canada), did in fact make it to the Men’s Open finals with his partner but fell just short to Adrian Carambula & Piotr Marciniak. Who wouldn't love getting front row to this kind of volleyball action?!

In addition to all the familiar faces, we saw everyone keeping the hot sun off their faces with our Rox Volleyball Trucker Hats. They seemed to pop up all over the beach and proved to be our hottest volleyball commodity throughout the weekend. Under the tent, our 2014 beachwear line was on display and was a huge hit with all of the volleyball competitors. Loving the bright new colors & patterns, everyone wanted to get their hands on one! (You can pre-order these online now!)

As some of the girls from 692 Beach showed off their newly customized Rox Volleyball gear, our very own Brooke Sweat made a surprise visit, sporting her Rox Volleyball “Brooke Brazilian.”  We are such a proud sponsor of the Dig the Beach Tour and are thrilled to watch all the volleyball competition intensify throughout the season! We hope to see you there!

Next stop >>> Clearwater Beach, FL May 10-11, 2014

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Day 1 ROX-ed at the JVA World Challenge

As we wrap up our first day here at the JVA World Challenge it was nothing short of fabulous! With Molten USA mini balls flying off the hook (well out of their ball cart) and Rox Volleyball bathing suits catching everyone's eye, we couldn't have asked for a better first day. We got to enjoy some of our Rox Teams such as Absolute Volleyball Academy tear it up on the volleyball court while others volleyballers managed to show off there line dancing skills to the Boot Scootin' Boogie with Jinx the JVA mascot at our Dance Off! Kids were soaring into the clouds on the bungee jump on one side of the convention center and showing their best skills for recruits on the other side. Oh and our Player Spotlight contest... was such a hit and it's not even day 2 yet! If you haven't had a chance to nominate somone make sure you do because you'll have a chance to win a $50 shopping spree in our booth tomorrow.

So after a day like today we're ready to rest our feet tonight and get back at it tomorrow! We better see you! 

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